Kristopher Weaver

Composer/Lyricist - Playwright - Poet - Actor

Rivers Current
A Romantic Tragedy Musical

Rivers Current is a modern tale of love and family. Jimmy and Will both have families who are challenged by the love they find in each other. Meeting in a world where friendship is thicker than blood, they are pushed to choose between their families' choices and the family they've chosen. 

The music of Rivers Current has been called a blend of emo, folk and traditional musical theatre with a rock flair.

A 2010 staged reading was produced at New York Theatre Workshop with a cast of sixteen and nine musicians. Currently under revision for further production.

An Un-official Parody Musical Short

Follow a day in the life of Agent Jack Samson as he guides his witness to safety on an uncharted course.

SNAKE PLANE is the parody musical we've been waiting for. Appropriately written to play in twenty minutes or less, this charming musical take on a well known flop-of-a-film provides laughter for theatre nerds and film buffs alike.

Slated to be filmed in the Summer of 2016.