Kristopher Weaver
Composer/Lyricist - Playwright - Poet - Actor


Needs Require

My pen circles through my mind,

Seeking thoughts to underline

It finds tact where I once lacked;

brings forth that which once sat back

Eyes wide open, I now find

No need left for passing time

Just some time to rest my head--

Heal me, as I lie in bed

Much to do! How to start?

Ask that question to my heart.

Tell me what I might require!

Prepare me to ignite a fire

We need light, to be inspired,

Otherwise we just grow tired

And what creates inside a blank room?

Nothing does, inside a vacuum

Same to see, hear and feel--

That is how we know we're real.

Only one from nothing comes

Multiplied--two sources from

(Even then, one power rises;

fusion, the soul memorizes)

Recall this when needs require

You to hold a fanning fire

Why give-in to growing cold?

It lessens chances we grow old

When in void of light by night,

Use your earthly-given right.

Reach yourself beyond your body--

share your fire with somebody

Sharing powers with with another,

Like child to mother or lover to lover;

It takes a lot, but oh, the advantage!

That's an equation I could manage

Humans tend to watch their front-view;

Why should you not look around you?

People as one can rise above...

We may need to rise through love

Finding the Sunlight

Pile the shit on me
I'll stand up
Turn on the rain
I'll soak it up

Whether a desert
Whether a bog
I'll breathe in sand
I'll walk through fog

Show me a mountain
I'll pass the top
Then scale its valley
Then climb back up

Tell me go higher
I'll ride the clouds
Singing with thunder
I'm just as loud

Push me through rivers
No bridge in sight
Stop me with oceans
I'll take flight

Dig me in trenches
Bury me deep
Bind me in nighttime
I'll never sleep

Hold me from moving
Bar me from hope
Take me from promise
I'll learn to cope

Silence my voice please
Hide me from sight
Harness my thoughts
I'll still fight

Deal me each blow
Throw me down hard
Break down my walls
I'll be my guard

Tie me to islands
Shatter my soul
Siphon my riches
I'll pay the toll

I am the monster
You are the pain
I'll give you nightmares
I'll make them rain

Try to besmirch me
Others will know
My team is endless
Our powers grow

Hold on to nothing
Reap what you've sewn
Cross my goodwill, and
Nothing you'll own

Keep moving backward
I'll just move on
Finding the sunlight
After you've gone

We shall grow wide
We've become strong
You'll become silence
And we are the song

Your Smile
I'll miss the way
your smile stays
It brightens the place,
while scattering grace.

When things get rough,
you buckle-in—
not to sit on the side,
you go for the ride.

your freedom of spirit,
it shimmers throughout
I just hope I can own it,
once your smile I'm without…


I dug up ground and felt around
Roots and earth and seeds abound
Not what I'd been searching for...
(Not what I'd been hoping for)

Dried and flaky... lacking flow
(How in this does someone grow?)
I need light--and some fire;
someone else to help inspire.

Hands then brushed something greasy...
For awhile, THAT was easy
Money to my top would boil
(seemed as though I'd struck my oil)

That fared well... drove me far
(wished I hadn't needed the car)
If I flew--I'd have flown.
Now I see, I wouldn't have grown

Digging deeper into soil
(NOW what to the sky shall boil?)
found I something hard as bone;
I was digging into stone.

Getting tired... driving fast
(How much longer could I last?)
Reached a point with no point going
Suddenly, it started snowing--

I sat down, enjoyed the beauty;
once in my life, I spoke mutely.
"This is a scene I need to paint."
(Actors as brushes could be quite quaint.)

Took my time to re-create this;
fell myself deep into hiatus...
Sat in my ditch, gone from sunlight
Groped for truth in darkness of moonlight

Needed to see if colour had faded
(had painted so long I began to feel jaded)
Is what I call green what others have seen?
Is what I call bold... now turning cold

Tried to emerge--my painting now frameless
(Dug into a hole; how shameless.)
Tired-out eyes, in the darkness, can't see
Nothing I sought seemed it would help me

Desperate to exit--too tired to look
A weaker soul might have sat there and shook.
Placed myself firmly on ground I knew well
Centered myself--clear as a bell

Trapped in my head, I closed my eyes;
One hand to the Earth--one to the skies.
Finding my way, I stumbled upon you:
Did you fall from sky? Or were you (here) on the ground, too

Darkness pulled back, revealing some light--
I thought this was day; I now feel the night.
Light to my blind eyes told me to hold...
For when I open up--I'll strike gold.

Two Pair

Your eyes reflect a blue I've seen
Even though they're mostly green
Deep I look to find the rhyme,
Reasons for the blue this time

Is a wall behind me showing
in the light that keeps on growing?
Or have paintings past my shoulder
in your eyes projected bolder?

The green, I've come to surely know;
I expect the green to show.
I look forward to its presence
like refreshing effervescence.

Blue, though, took me by surprise--
I'd never seen it in your eyes
Maybe time had brought it out
(of you, or of my mind, no doubt)

Either way, I like it quite
(Your eyes are really quite the sight)
Fierce with wit and pouring love;
Like a pundit trapped in a snowy dove.

Maybe the sky is blue enough
(I'll briefly run with "snowy dove")
Soaring gazes catch the sky,
Reflecting back into my eye

Okay, enough with imagery
Let's talk more of symmetry
What could balance both your eyes?
Here, try my eyes on for size.

Seeing through them will be fun
(please return them when you're done)
They will show you what I see
when you stand in front of me

Have we found an answer here?
Yes, I feel I see things clear.
What's inside me shines out, too
I hope it finds its way to you

I've always known my eyes were blue,
and I'm learning how I channel you.
Perhaps when I am seeing blue,
I see what you see in me, in you