Kristopher Weaver
Composer/Lyricist - Playwright - Poet - Actor

Short Plays

Mob Office

In the year 2045, Mafia operations are downsized, outsourced and micromanaged.  Bobby and Steve long for a time when they could shoot somebody without all the paperwork.

AlphaNYC's Send in the HAHAs festival, 2015

Waiting Out The Fight

Ida and James are anxious newlyweds in a waiting room. Are they waiting for dinner or a doctor?

Theatre Outlet, Allentown PA, 2006

Mommy Kissed Santa

A young girl falls asleep waiting for Santa in this twisted holiday tale.

written and performed with the T.M.I. Players, Allentown PA, 2005

Presidential Dimensions

George W Bush is visited by the ghost of Richard Nixon, in chains, followed by three dead presidents who illuminate a world where he had never been president.

This Wonderful Life-Christmas Carol mash-up was presented during the 2004 election cycle.

Pride at the Polls, DNC Voter Registration Outreach, 2004